Thank you.

Download my song "Tired" for free!

My record label is in a Holiday spirit, so they´re giving away my song "Tired" for free. They are also giving away Jenny Wilson, El Perro Del Mar and a remix made by Robyn. Go to the Swedish music blog Musik och Mer to download your copy. Happy holidays! :-)

I ♥ RPA radio

Merci beaucoup RPA radio!

I´m back! ...and I Still...

Hello there! I hope you all had the loveliest of Christmases! I sure did, although I´m kind of happy to be moving on now; three Christmas celebrations in a row (one with my father, one with my mother and one with my boyfriend...) more than fills up your need for constant eating/talking/and opening presents. (Ok, so the present opening thingy doesn´t ever get old.) Anyway, I just got back from the wilderness (Dalarna), and after four computer free days I started up my laptop and found this:

It´s a Dutch girl who posted the lyrics to my song "I Still" on her blog. Dankuwel! I do hope she isn´t as heart broken as I was when I wrote it though.

Now behave yourselves....

...while I´m away! I´m leaving for a few days to spend Christmas in the land of kurbits (another thing I´m obsessed with. Yup, I obsess about a lot of things.). Have the loveliest of Cristmases - see you on the other side!

Vielen dank Herr Grassi!

The daily Vanja-google (I might change that to "the hourly Vanja-google", I´m becoming obsessive) resulted in me ending up on a lovely fantastic amazing wonderful (yes, it contains nice things about me) blog. It´s a guy who found me on MySpace, bought my record and gives his opinion about it. He does it in German though, but here´s the English translation:

I like to discover good new music and MySpace is the perfect place for that. Not long ago I discovered the swedish singer Vanja there and today I downloaded her album "December Diaries" on iTunes. And I have to say: I'm amazed! Anyone who likes good pop music and wonderful female voices shouldnt miss Vanja. Good pop music has to be exactly like that. It's enjoyable to hear her sing and in addition to that Vanja is amazingly cute. The album is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3 and the CD will be avaible soon. It's the perfect christmas gift and because of that I bought it as a gift for myself today. The current single is called "Tired" and you can watch the really well done video here. And Vanja just started an english blog where she writes about her way in the music business, you should have a look!

A review that contains both "good pop music" and "Vanja is amazingly cute" gets 5 stars out of 5 from me. VIELEN DANK! ...seems I get a lot of early Christmas presents today...!

I have a fan site...!

I just got an early Christmas present - my very own fan site! I gotta get some popstar points for that, right? ;-) It was created by Richard, please visit to check it out. Tack snälla fina Richard!


I´m on a constant chase for the perfect song. For me, this is one of those tracks I wish I´d written. And while we´re on the "things I wish I´d have"-list; could I please be re-born as Nina Perssons vocals chords in my next life?

Favorit i repris

On slow weekends you can always make time fly by shooting corny home made music videos. This particular one is for my track "Song for N". It´s the demo version though, so if you want to hear the album version of the song, go to my MySpace player. Enjoy the corny-ness! ;-)

I ♥ Radio Rottu Oberwallis

Vielen Dank!

I ♥ FMC radio

Merci beaucoup!

Cappuccino meeting

A day spent drinking coffee, eating, laughing, talking and - oh right - actually working a bit on 2010 plans with the infamous networker Niko Bellotto. All in the very lovely and (very very very) Christmas-y café/clothing store/surf shop 6/5/4.

Later on we filled chair number three with the one and only Pablo Cepeda.


Today I hung out with the lovely Linda from Mina UK, a clothing brand that sponsors me with (very very very cute) clothes. (See above pic for cuteness evidence.) We were scheming on how to get my music out to people, and early next year when my first single "Tired" is released here in Sweden, we´ll give each Mina UK customer a free download of the song. Nice, huh? Being generous while chasing souls...

(Pic by Niklas Malmqvist)

I ♥ Funkydrumma

While treading the winding paths of cyberspace (read: while doing my daily "Vanja"-google...) I found this! Now, I´m off to a meeting. Luckily the blizzard has calmed down. *putting the skis back in the coset*

Snowy Stockholm

There´s so much snow in this city I´m thinking of taking my skis instead of the metro today.

(Pic by Niklas Malmqvist)

Bonne nuit

Time for bed. I have an exciting meeting tomorrow which calls for rested brains (and no puffy eyes). Night!

(Pic by Miguel Antunes Dias)

Old friends & new

I guess most of you who found your way to The Long Hard Road To Popstardom already know me (and the Long Long Long Looong Hard road I´ve traveled so far). But for those of you who don´t, here´s some info:

  • My name is Vanja
  • I´m from the land of free love and ABBA, yup Sweden
  • I write songs
  • I sing them
  • I´m releasing my debut album early next year

That´s about it. If you want to read my old blog posts to see how I got this far on The Long Hard Road To Popstardom, please visit my MySpace blog.

Oh, and apart from chasing popstardom I also try to spread the word in the world about the deliciousness (is that even an expression? If not, it should be.) that is salty liquorice. But it seems I´m more successful in gaining fans for my music than for my taste in candy. Hm. Don´t know if that says more abut the deliciousness (let´s start using that!) of my music or the un-deliciousness (let´s start using that too!) of salted black candy. Visit my MySpace and judge for yourselves:

(Pic by Steeven Petitteville & Noé)

I just moved in!

So, this is my new blog home... Looks nice. A bit...white maybe. Like a new apartment without anything personal in it. Yet. Don´t worry though, I´ll shape this place up as we go along. Welcome to The Long Hard Road To Popstardom! 

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