Espressos & questions

Today I had the honor of having the newspaper Södermalmsnytt on a visit. They asked the questions, and I made the espressos. (And answered above mentioned questions as best I could.)

If you´re having trouble getting your point across, try waving your hands in the air really really fast. If nothing else, it might confuse the listener enough to make them forget your messy train of thought.

Does this picture say "Wow, this interview went so well we´re gonna sell a gazillion copies!" (hmm, this is a free magazine, but never mind - you get the point), or "Wow, this interview went so bad it´s going to have to be all pics and no quotes!"...? Well, you´ll just have to guess, and see for yourself when the magazine comes out on the 20th of February... ;-)

This guy also got the espresso-treatment at my place today. He took the pics for the interview, and I told him that I will have to kill him in a very slow and unpleasant way if they don´t come out cute. Let´s all pray for his survival.

Postat av: Stephan

Dear God, how can the pictures not come out cute with someone like Vanja infront of the camera?

On the other hand I wonder, if you (Vanja, Goddess) would put up the pics of the photographer here in a "SAW"-way with a slight ironical way of interpreting them. :-D

2010-02-11 @ 23:44:50
Postat av: vanja

Stephan - thanks... :-D but I do think you are a bit interested in a "I killed the photographer"-blog. Let´s hope I don´t have to write that one though... ;-D

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