The art of co-writing...

Step 1 - find someone to co-write with. Check!

Step 2 - find a couple of instruments and start scratching your head.

Step 3 - Use the instruments. Preferably while humming silly melodies with even sillier lyrics. But hey, if it worked for Michael Jackson, it works for me.

(Since this is a blog we´re doing it just like on TV where they skip the boring stuff and jump right to the result.)

Step 4 - Wave to the camera when the song is finished, all while breathing a sigh of relief that you actually Managed To Write Yet Another Song. And I think this might be a good one...


...Flashback is a place I visit mostly for catching up on juicy gossip (hehe). But last time I went there I found this post under Music Recommendations: "Laid back intelligent pop debut" is the description of my album according to HarryBosch. I ♥ HarryBosch!

The man, the myth...

Had a lovely coffee and a chat serious business meeting with the equally lovely Niko yesterday.

Halfway through the meeting, this tornado of a man walked in and joined us; the man, the myth, the legend Vito Ingrosso! He has worked with an astonishing amount of Swedish and international artists, and told the juiciest stories; reality truly surpasses fiction...

He he, I just had to post this... Mr Vito to the left.


Just found this: someone is asking for the lyrics for "Tired" on a Norwegian babyforum...! Let´s hope "Tired" spreads to Norway like std`s spread from Tiger Woo no, that´s just too mean. Let´s just leave it at wishing "Tired" well in the country of lusekoftor and oil wells.


On Saturday I played at the lovely Kulturstudion so here´s some pics from the adventure:

Rehearsing (in the toilet I might add, but it´s a beautiful toilet. I could live there) with the ever energetic Mr lars. (Who realised he was allergic to burning candles minutes before we played - not a good thing because they were everywhere - but thanks to some powerful medicine he managed to play our set without suffocating. A true trooper.)

...performing on stage with my breathtaking bubble blowing number.

Just kidding. As per usual, I sang. And as per usual, I looked devastated. By the song, not by my singing. Hopefully the audience agreed.

It was a star studded event.

Northern Sweden has excellent taste

First Skellefteå radio, now Gävle/Sandviken. The Swedes of the north are Swedes that I like. They make me so happy I can almost forgive them for inventing pölsa.

I ♥ Radio Skellefteå

Skellefteå is the shit!

I ♥

I´m news on!

I ♥ You!

Thank you my daaaahlings for spreading the word on forums, reviewing the album on music sites etc etc! It´s worth more than any fancy PR firm could do for me, and please know that it´s amazingly appreciated, THANK YOU! Mwaah!

I´m an Important Event


Tack tack to the magazine Frihet for featuring me in their calendarium for this spring. Apparently, I´m an Important Event. :-D Just like Amanda Jenssen and the Twilight saga. Woohoooo!

Busy Bee

I´m playing a gig this Saturday, so today I rehearsed a bit with Mr Lars, a guy who those of you who´ve followed my blog on MySpace might remember from this post... This time his apartment was in better shape I might add. ;-)

Ok, so here we are; the epitome of concentrated musicians, taking Our Craft very very serious.

...but that was only for the picture... 99% of the time is spent more like this; "un-serious" might be a good word invention to describe above state.

Speaking about Super Bock...

The Penflick-interview got me thinking about my video shoot for "Tired", so I started looking through the pics, and I just have to post some... Here are some behind the scenes-favourites:

Me and my video boyfriend. Talk about power couple.

It´s hard work being a popstar in the making. Like having to sit aboslutely still while the makeup girl puts sunscreen on you.

Haard work indeed.

If the extras start misbehaving you have to put them in their place. So I practice Management By Fear, preferably strangulation.

The core of the video - the "photo within the photo"-idea.

Don´t try this at home my friends; just behind me was a ledge where you could fall 30 meters (we were on a roof)... Luckily my balance is pretty good, must be all the hours I´ve spent watching yoga DVD:s.

...and here´s the result, voilà!

(All pics by Miguel Antunes Dias)

The Penflickers are at it again

The lovely lads at Penflick Podcast have once again featured me on their lovely show. This time they did a follow-up interview to see what´s happened in my world since they first played the demo of "Tired" in 2008. Go to their site to listen to the interview and hear me reveal (among other things) what part Super Bock really played in my music video shoot in Portugal...


In these digital days it´s always exciting to receive a Real Letter. This exciting package just arrived from my record label... If you´re curious about what´s inside, check below...´s footage from the France Bleu Concerts Privés that I did in Paris in November! In this clip I´m doing a cover of my favourite song from 2009 - "Use Somebody" by the Kings of Leon. And - yup! I know it´s the gazillionth cover of this song, but it´s so good I just couldnt resist. Like häxvrål.

Mirror mirror

My sister was just here taking some pics of me for her photo class. The assigment was to do a portrait, so she snapped me while working on a song. Computer? Check! Keyboard? Check! Microphone? Check! Ukulele.....yup...hehe. Check! All that´s missing is a big heap of salty liquorice. And maybe a platinum album.

I ♥ Deutschlandradio Kultur

The lovely German radio played 6 (!) of my songs in a row yesterday, danke schön! I always knew Germans had great taste, except for maybe that sauerkraut thing...


I´m starting off this day with a pic of me, weirdly (?) pulling my hair. Might be because I´m nervous about my record label going to radio to plug my first single "Tired" next week. Or maybe I´m just trying to look cute. Hm.

My own headline? ...not yet

Merci à Olivier for sending this in from a shop called "Cultura" in La Rochelle. Currently I´m under the "U-V-W" sign, let´s hope that someday I´ll only need a "Vanja"-sign. *crossingmyfingersalmostridiculouslyhard*

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