Old friends & new

I guess most of you who found your way to The Long Hard Road To Popstardom already know me (and the Long Long Long Looong Hard road I´ve traveled so far). But for those of you who don´t, here´s some info:

  • My name is Vanja
  • I´m from the land of free love and ABBA, yup Sweden
  • I write songs
  • I sing them
  • I´m releasing my debut album early next year

That´s about it. If you want to read my old blog posts to see how I got this far on The Long Hard Road To Popstardom, please visit my MySpace blog.

Oh, and apart from chasing popstardom I also try to spread the word in the world about the deliciousness (is that even an expression? If not, it should be.) that is salty liquorice. But it seems I´m more successful in gaining fans for my music than for my taste in candy. Hm. Don´t know if that says more abut the deliciousness (let´s start using that!) of my music or the un-deliciousness (let´s start using that too!) of salted black candy. Visit my MySpace and judge for yourselves:


(Pic by Steeven Petitteville & Noé)


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