I´m baaaaack!

I´m back from the glorious land of Super Bock and surf! Luckily I didn´t get stuck in the Icelandic ash cloud, but I have friends who were supposed to be soaking up the sun in Palma right now (instead of getting soaked in rain in Stockholm...), poor things. I got back to find this very nice blog post from my favourite German Mr Grassi, It says so many nice things that I´m (almost he he) too shy to translate it. But only almost. So, for those of you who doesn´t speak German, here´s the translation:

The Swedes are lucky
You can really envy the Swedes! The best popmusic comes from up there and if you read my blog regularly, you already know about Vanja. In this article I told you about her. Here in Germany her album is only available as a download, in Sweden you can buy it on CD. Her concert are also concentrated to Sweden and the moment and so the Swedes have two advantages. They can buy the album on cd and they can go to a concert to let it be signed there. I only have the download and there are no concert in sight here in Germany. But Vanja is on a high position on my concert wishlist, I think I'll have to visit Sweden soon.
Vanja had a great experience a few days ago. She was able to mark off a point on her bucket list: To have her own name tag in a record store. She writes about that in her blog. I have set a visit to one of her concerts high on my bucket list and I'm optimistic to do that soon.
And if you like her music, maybe we can fly to Sweden together. And to be honest: Anybody who has just a little bit interest in popmusic has to love the songs of this adorable Swede with the wonderful voice.
By the way In the last week I listen to her song "I still" very often. I first listened to it very intensive on a train journey to Vienna and I can't get it out of my head since this day. It's not on Youtube, but you can buy it as a download. :) But the single "Tired" is on Youtube and here's the video:

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Ah, thanks for that blogpost. :) I'll come to Sweden as soon as possible, thats a promise!

2010-04-17 @ 00:46:10
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