In my Easter Egg...

...this year I got a very special Easter present from the States, thank you so much Dale for making this amazing drawing and sending it to me...! I know it´s not very sophisticated to put up art portraying yourself in your home (unless you´re Joey Tribbiani of course, then everything is forgiven), but if there ever was a time to disregard that, it´s now. :-D

...he did a pretty good job, huh?! Happy Easter!

Postat av: Bottes Longchamp 2014

Awesome post , I'm going to spend far more time researching this topic
Bottes Longchamp 2014

Postat av: Ray Ban Aviator Guld Mirror

You made some decent points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found most guys will approve with your blog.
Ray Ban Aviator Guld Mirror

2015-01-14 @ 18:24:15

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