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...but I can´t help posting a pic of my new darling; a ring made by a very talented friend of mine: Maggie at Bahgsu Jewels. All the stones in her jewellry carry different energies, and apparently the one in my ring relaxes the heart chakra and brings order to scattered feelings. Since I am both unrelaxed and a bit scattered for the moment, it sounds perfect! I also (without knowing it) managed to pick the one stone mined in Sweden, the other ones come from such distant places as Mexico, Peru and Brazil. Guess I´m a Sweeeeede to the bone...

Postat av: Grassi2000

Wow, thats a wonderful stone. So it's the perfect stone for you. :)

2010-04-28 @ 22:54:31
Postat av: Vanja

Ha ha, danke schön! :-)

2010-04-29 @ 12:13:50
Postat av: Stephan

So you learnt some German, too! :-D Bara bra!

2010-04-29 @ 18:06:35
Postat av: liindblaads

sv, låter som en bra kväll :) joo det va en lugnt och fin kväll här hemma :)

2010-05-01 @ 12:49:22
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