These digital days enable too many ways of communicating, which leads to too little time to create things you actually want to communicate... At least for me. ;-) So in the spirit of the above song (which I love) I´m gonna try and stick to Facebook and Myspace, and leave this blog to rest for a while. Bisous! :-)

Postat av: Stephan

Oh, MM is ... the eternal beauty! Have this movie, but never seen it yet - have to urgently it seems.

We'll keep in touch! :-)

2010-06-15 @ 10:28:09
Postat av: Vanja

Yup, it´s a bit corny, but still lovely. MM is...a delight... :-D

2010-06-15 @ 12:20:43
Postat av: Stephan

Your decision is quite sad for this blog, but it's understandable, because of facebook and myspace (almost never online there). I really loved your entries here. So, see you on the other side (fb) then. ;-)

2010-06-15 @ 15:55:21

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