Hopeless musicians

Since I love to sing jazz, I sometimes do jazz gigs, and one of those is coming up this Thursday. So - I was at my guitarists place tonight to rehearse. Since I now have a blog I thought I´d take some nice pics of it all to post here. But it turned out to be harder than I thought, my photo chemistry was definitely off tonight. Let´s start:

Since we didn´t have anyone else in the room to take our picture we did it with the self-timer button. Which is a greater science that one would think, and it also makes you feel kinda cheesy. So, this is us pretending to rehearse, and feeling very cheesy.

So we thought we´d stop pretending to rehearse and just look into the camera. Cheese-level rising even further.

"Ahhh, f*ck it, let´s just take a monster pic since we´re obviously not pulling off this self-timer thing" was the thought behind this masterpiece. But sadly enough, we couldn´t even do that very well.

We also managed to take this pic. Might be our best work tonight actually.

Luckily this guy (girl?) was the only audience while we completely massacred the art of taking blog pics. HOW ON EARTH do people who update their blogs several times a day do it? I think either they are all master photographers, or they have master photographer friends.


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