Yesterday I played at Bara Vi - THANK YOU to everyone who came! ...especially Stephan who flew all the way from Germany (!) to be there. Vielen dank! ;-) Medomkajaden also played, lovely lovely band.

I did a few sad songs (obviously, as seen above) such as "Tired" and "Yesterday"...         (Pic by Amanda Axelsson Duarte)

...but also some happier ones, like "Song II" and "Song for N". All in all, I had a glorious night filled with glorious people, so Mwaaaah! to all of you who came! (Pic stolen from the lovely Caroline J)

One (of the many) perk(s) of playing live is that you get cheap beer. :-D I love that at Bara Vi they even have that as a regular thing in their cash register; "kompisöl" (buddy beer). All bars should be like that. And I should be a buddy in all those bars. Hm, gotta play more live...


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