Bluff is the way to go

I had a very lovely fika recently with the equally lovely Erik Holmberg, during which he gave me the above book: "Bluff your way in music". It contains all the quick facts you need for instant expertise on the world of music, teaching such wisdoms as under the headline Singers: "It has been said that the only trouble with singers is that they just cannot keep their mouths shut". Hm, should I be offended? Well, since it also describes the classical term Coda as "An extra bit at the end of a composition during which people can find their coats and put their shoes on", I think I won´t be too upset.

Postat av: Johannes

Låter som en vettig bok, jag tror mina kumpaner i AdorableMadness skulle skriva under på det där med sångare (d v s jag) och förmåga att hålla mun. Mellan låtarna under repande i synnerhet. Måste vara en vanlig åkomma :)

2010-03-25 @ 13:06:18

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