My favourite song...

If I might be so bold and admit my favourite song on my own album, then this one it is: "Song for N". A favourite song about a favourite person. Fun fact: I was seriously hungover when I recorded this track, if you listen closely I´m sure you can hear it...

Merci Grimaldi FM!

Merci! Bisous-bisous!


A Swedish review just dropped in... And luckily, I like it! :-D "Soft pop with a bittersweet tone to it", is the reviewers opinion. Couldn´t have said it better myself; spot on! Thank you Ellen at Ergo!

Stockholm Syndrome

Remember the interview I did two weeks ago? Well, now it´s out - and to my delight it got published in all of the inner city Stockholm papers, not only locally here on Södermalm, yaaay! So - let´s hope the 200 000 people it goes out to reads it before placing it in the paper recycling bin... ;-) Oh - and the photographer gets to keep his life. :-D

I made the cover, tjohoo! And no, I haven´t cut my hair and developed a twin, I´m the one to the far right.

The article´s about Swedish female artists that have careers outside of Sweden. It includes me, a successful dj and a Chinese superstar (200 million albums sold!!!) who lives a quiet life in Stockholm when she´s not in China being worshipped.

Download the paper as a pdf file here.

I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Jonas Bane!

If I would have ordered the extra-special-golden-premium blog post with a cherry on top, mayonnaise on the side and some diamond dust sprinkled over it, it would still not be as amazing as the one you see above. And I did´t even have to order it from blog heaven, Swedish actor Jonas Bane did it for me, TACK SÅ VÄLDANS MYCKET!

I ♥ Danish radio!

I´m feeling very neighbour friendly for the moment since Danish radio is being super nice to me. "Tired" just got added - on highest rotation - on yet another station, yaaay! So now, I´m officially in love with Denmark!

Jumping for joy

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This is how happy I get when I receive news like this: the biggest radio station in Denmark just added "Tired" to their playlist, yaaaay! ( the way, I´m amazed to see myself endlessly jumping like that. My exercise regime usually consists of crossing the street to buy heaps of salty liquorice at my favourite candy shop.)

Espressos & questions

Today I had the honor of having the newspaper Södermalmsnytt on a visit. They asked the questions, and I made the espressos. (And answered above mentioned questions as best I could.)

If you´re having trouble getting your point across, try waving your hands in the air really really fast. If nothing else, it might confuse the listener enough to make them forget your messy train of thought.

Does this picture say "Wow, this interview went so well we´re gonna sell a gazillion copies!" (hmm, this is a free magazine, but never mind - you get the point), or "Wow, this interview went so bad it´s going to have to be all pics and no quotes!"...? Well, you´ll just have to guess, and see for yourself when the magazine comes out on the 20th of February... ;-)

This guy also got the espresso-treatment at my place today. He took the pics for the interview, and I told him that I will have to kill him in a very slow and unpleasant way if they don´t come out cute. Let´s all pray for his survival.

I ♥ Damernas Värld!

I´m featured in the latest issue of Swedish Women´s fashion magazine Damernas Värld! (And the girl who puts together the music section in the magazine also works for Swedish radio and is one of the people we mail-harrassed, so maybe that means we are forgiven. ;-D)

They mention me in their music section, and I´m in good company; the band mentioned above (in the pink blur, my webcam could use an upgrade...) is amazingly talented Swedish band Shout Out Louds who are actually friends of mine. 

For all you non-Swedes: "Swedish Vanja Wikström is a talented singer and musician who went to a small village in French Provence to concentrate on songwriting. After a live performance there she managed to make contacts that eventually lead to a record deal with French Naïve. With a love for contagious hit melodies she fills her album with soft ballads and a traditional pop and rock which has been very successful in France."

Minä rakastan sinua! ♥

My Finnish is limited to phrases like "Ei saa peittää" ("Should not be covered" - classic phrase on electric heaters in Scandinavia...) and "Moi mukulat". (I have to admit I also master the expression "Perkele!" though...) But I also know "Minä rakastan sinua!", which is exactly how I feel for Finnish radio YLE today... Kiitos!


A few weeks ago I asked my friends and fans to e-mail Swedish radio to request "Tired". The idea was obviously to make the radio people aware of Me And My Amazing Song. Well, they just contacted my record label, asking for everyone to PLEASE STOP E-MAIL HARRASSING THEM with requests about this Vanja girl. The good news are: my friends and fans are super loyal and support me through thick and thin, yaaaay! The bad news: we e-mail harrassed Swedish radio. Ooooops! But I can´t help thinking it´s kinda funny... *hihihihi*

I ♥ Tessibell!

Thank you Tessibell for featuring "Tired" in your blog! Mwaah from Sweden!

The art of co-writing...

Step 1 - find someone to co-write with. Check!

Step 2 - find a couple of instruments and start scratching your head.

Step 3 - Use the instruments. Preferably while humming silly melodies with even sillier lyrics. But hey, if it worked for Michael Jackson, it works for me.

(Since this is a blog we´re doing it just like on TV where they skip the boring stuff and jump right to the result.)

Step 4 - Wave to the camera when the song is finished, all while breathing a sigh of relief that you actually Managed To Write Yet Another Song. And I think this might be a good one...


...Flashback is a place I visit mostly for catching up on juicy gossip (hehe). But last time I went there I found this post under Music Recommendations: "Laid back intelligent pop debut" is the description of my album according to HarryBosch. I ♥ HarryBosch!

The man, the myth...

Had a lovely coffee and a chat serious business meeting with the equally lovely Niko yesterday.

Halfway through the meeting, this tornado of a man walked in and joined us; the man, the myth, the legend Vito Ingrosso! He has worked with an astonishing amount of Swedish and international artists, and told the juiciest stories; reality truly surpasses fiction...

He he, I just had to post this... Mr Vito to the left.


Just found this: someone is asking for the lyrics for "Tired" on a Norwegian babyforum...! Let´s hope "Tired" spreads to Norway like std`s spread from Tiger Woo no, that´s just too mean. Let´s just leave it at wishing "Tired" well in the country of lusekoftor and oil wells.


On Saturday I played at the lovely Kulturstudion so here´s some pics from the adventure:

Rehearsing (in the toilet I might add, but it´s a beautiful toilet. I could live there) with the ever energetic Mr lars. (Who realised he was allergic to burning candles minutes before we played - not a good thing because they were everywhere - but thanks to some powerful medicine he managed to play our set without suffocating. A true trooper.)

...performing on stage with my breathtaking bubble blowing number.

Just kidding. As per usual, I sang. And as per usual, I looked devastated. By the song, not by my singing. Hopefully the audience agreed.

It was a star studded event.

Northern Sweden has excellent taste

First Skellefteå radio, now Gävle/Sandviken. The Swedes of the north are Swedes that I like. They make me so happy I can almost forgive them for inventing pölsa.

I ♥ Radio Skellefteå

Skellefteå is the shit!

I ♥

I´m news on!

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