I ♥ Damernas Värld!

I´m featured in the latest issue of Swedish Women´s fashion magazine Damernas Värld! (And the girl who puts together the music section in the magazine also works for Swedish radio and is one of the people we mail-harrassed, so maybe that means we are forgiven. ;-D)

They mention me in their music section, and I´m in good company; the band mentioned above (in the pink blur, my webcam could use an upgrade...) is amazingly talented Swedish band Shout Out Louds who are actually friends of mine. 

For all you non-Swedes: "Swedish Vanja Wikström is a talented singer and musician who went to a small village in French Provence to concentrate on songwriting. After a live performance there she managed to make contacts that eventually lead to a record deal with French Naïve. With a love for contagious hit melodies she fills her album with soft ballads and a traditional pop and rock which has been very successful in France."

Postat av: Sandra

Vad coolt!!!!!! :-) De gör rätt i att uppmärksamma dig, jag älskar din låt "Tired", ska köpa din platta så fort den kommer! Lycka till och kram!

2010-02-11 @ 18:42:51

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