Stockholm Syndrome

Remember the interview I did two weeks ago? Well, now it´s out - and to my delight it got published in all of the inner city Stockholm papers, not only locally here on Södermalm, yaaay! So - let´s hope the 200 000 people it goes out to reads it before placing it in the paper recycling bin... ;-) Oh - and the photographer gets to keep his life. :-D

I made the cover, tjohoo! And no, I haven´t cut my hair and developed a twin, I´m the one to the far right.

The article´s about Swedish female artists that have careers outside of Sweden. It includes me, a successful dj and a Chinese superstar (200 million albums sold!!!) who lives a quiet life in Stockholm when she´s not in China being worshipped.

Download the paper as a pdf file here.

Postat av: barryberry

I'm glad you're on newspaper! :D I will try to read the whole text! :D My Swedish is still in beginner level^^

2010-02-24 @ 14:16:04
Postat av: Vanja

Ha ha, that´s great exercise for you BB! Good luck! Ask me if you need any help!

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