Speaking about Super Bock...

The Penflick-interview got me thinking about my video shoot for "Tired", so I started looking through the pics, and I just have to post some... Here are some behind the scenes-favourites:

Me and my video boyfriend. Talk about power couple.

It´s hard work being a popstar in the making. Like having to sit aboslutely still while the makeup girl puts sunscreen on you.

Haard work indeed.

If the extras start misbehaving you have to put them in their place. So I practice Management By Fear, preferably strangulation.

The core of the video - the "photo within the photo"-idea.

Don´t try this at home my friends; just behind me was a ledge where you could fall 30 meters (we were on a roof)... Luckily my balance is pretty good, must be all the hours I´ve spent watching yoga DVD:s.

...and here´s the result, voilà!

(All pics by Miguel Antunes Dias)

Postat av: LIENE

sv: Tack för stödet:D

Underbara bilder! och jag gillar videon, så vackert gjord. Låten är också härlig:)

2010-01-12 @ 20:53:33
URL: http://lienes.blogg.se/

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