The art of co-writing...

Step 1 - find someone to co-write with. Check!

Step 2 - find a couple of instruments and start scratching your head.

Step 3 - Use the instruments. Preferably while humming silly melodies with even sillier lyrics. But hey, if it worked for Michael Jackson, it works for me.

(Since this is a blog we´re doing it just like on TV where they skip the boring stuff and jump right to the result.)

Step 4 - Wave to the camera when the song is finished, all while breathing a sigh of relief that you actually Managed To Write Yet Another Song. And I think this might be a good one...

Postat av: Millah

Hej :)

Jag har nu igång en hel del tävlingar och det kommer in nya hela tin.

Kanske finns det något som intresserar just dig.

Var gärna med :)

Är du int intresserad ber jag så hemskt mycket om ursäkt

och då är det bara radera den hära kommentaren eller nå:)

Ha det bra :)

Kramar // Millah

2010-01-29 @ 05:20:08
Postat av: Stephan

Hahaha, I love the 4 steps of writing another awesome tune! This is way too funny and true, I assume. Please keep that!

2010-01-29 @ 10:25:07

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